124e Congrès National des Sapeurs-Pompiers - Ajaccio 2017






2017 National congress of firefighters is ready to open its doors in the heart of the Imperial City : Ajaccio.

The 124th National Congress of Firefighters is a special time for the whole community of firefighters. It is a national showcase taking place in a welcoming land.

This precise spirit will be livened up this year. The setting, between the mountains and the sea, will enable us to make full-scale demonstrations for a few days. The Gulf of Ajaccio, which is a real play area, will welcome firefighters specializing in water rescue. Many water activities will take place there too. As for mountain lovers, they will rejoice in discovering the summits.

This event is a very special moment. Many exhibitors will show you what is new, whether it has to do with techniques or specific tools meant to be used in the field.

You will also find vehicles, clothing, equipment suppliers, insurance companies, mutual cooperatives, fire protection services and many different conferences where topical issues will be tackled.

Throughout the congress, feedback sessions will be organized while the question of volunteering, and the organization of emergency services will be discussed.

These four days will also be lively and festive in order for French and foreign firefighters to come together.



For further information :

MELLINGER Jean-Marie (assistant chief)  +33 62194067  or mellinger.jeanmarie@sdis2a.fr